We Are Here To Evolve

There are many talented artists who are never given the proper chance to shine. In a world governed by politics, who knows who, and the money that never gives you a chance to talk because it never shuts up, it seems like talent really doesn’t matter anymore. Too many artists are allowed to fall into an endless black hole of information, otherwise known as the Internet, never to see light again. Too many times in modern America its greatest contributors are often shunned away before they’re ever given the opportunity to bring their ideas to the table. It doesn’t make sense that the land of opportunities, the land that once promised to be flowing of milk and honey, has become a dried out, barren wasteland before our very eyes. In this topsy turvy, fast paced world we live in, there has to be a balance. There has to be a peace. Someone needs to right the wrongs, make a stop to the madness! Someone needs to the draw the line! The line that will define and change the world forever through love, art, unity, peace and music, we are that line. We are Choospa Camp.