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  • Stay
  • Live
  • Die
  • Evolve

Our Services



Image is everything. Allow us to help you put together a winning image that is sure to catch the eye of your audience. Choospa camp offers both high quality photo and video products that are sure to get you taken seriously.



Choospa camp offers mixing and audio production services that are sure to give you the sound you’re looking for. Whether you need your song mixed or need original production for a special project Choospa camp is here for you.



We have access to an array of designers to insure you receive an aesthetically pleasing product that will work for you. After all, the lifeblood of any good artist is their merch. Take the proper steps to make sure your product goes the distance.



Let Choospa camp take care of all your printed media and material needs. Whether you’re a clothing line or a band going out on tour, we have a service for you. CD packages, stickers, t-shirts, bracelets, etc. You name it; Choospa camp covers it.



The digital age is now upon us and traditional marketing has all but gone out the window. In today’s business world marketing tactics and techniques change as often as the weather. With new services, applications, and platforms appearing daily it can be hard to stay on top of everything and you shouldn’t have to. Trust your project to a team of professionals so you can get back to what is truly important, creation.



Take your talents to the highest level possible. Too often artists don’t take their song, video, or design to its fullest potential because they don’t have the right team or resources to help them complete this task. Choospa camp can assist you in handling all your audio/video production, photography, website design, and print needs. Trust your project to a creative team that is as passionate about your project as you are. Make a professional grade project that meets industry standards and is sure to upgrade the quality of any artist’s portfolio.



They say in today’s age that it’s not about what you know but who you know. Unfortunately for a majority of the artist population they have neither. Having access to an experienced team that is in the know and on the look out for your best interest is any artist’s dream and is essential towards success. Choospa camp has access to both production and distribution to insure that the artist has a superior product that is going to the right people at the right time.



Artist Development: There is no mold. No cookie cutter layout that we can use to shape an artist. Each of you are as unique as you want to be, and because of this we want to develop you organically. No “image”, just a professional retelling of who and what you are. From photos, videos, music production and beyond, trust us to share your story as only you can tell it.  



Promotion: Word of mouth is by far the best tool in promoting anything. ChoospaCamp deals with a quality network of amazing talents that we can connect you with. We want your projects to achieve a real fan base in the underground demographic. If you want to go mainstream that is up to you, but let the Camp lay the bricks that will build your marketing mansion.



Equipment/Resources: We got lights and cameras and stuff. Backdrops too. We have access to all the essentials to produce some super superb shit.


Giving Back: There are far too few who give back to their community. Whether on a local or global scale, we can all find time to help those in need. Throughout our endeavors we always take a moment to reflect on how we can help and progress the world as a whole. If you have any questions on what we do or how you can help then drop us a line on the contact page.



Internship: We strive not only to better ourselves but to better every individual who has a passion for their craft. Schools teach you how to pass tests, we teach you how to use your knowledge in the world around you. If you are dedicated, let us help you sharpen your skills. For more information about interning and what we have to offer, head on over to the contact page and let us know what we can help you with.



Master Plan: We don’t aim to please the masses. We aren’t looking to push the next Rebecca Black and recycle the same old material for the quick dollar. ChoospaCamp prides itself on working with truly talented and dedicated people that want to perfect their craft. Passion feeds the soul and we are always hungry for more. We want to help artists break the norm and reach their potential on their own terms.